If you have any item you wish to send to steelPHASE, warranty or non-warranty, please include a Repair Return Form.

Please be as specific as possible with any problems/issues you are having when completing the form.

Also ensure you pack the item adequately as steelPHASE will not be held liable for any damage incurred during transit.



 If your fault is with an sP01 and has: 

  • sound cutting in/out
  • static
  • cuts out after time

99% of the time it will be a contaminated input plug. Clean both plugs on the input cable with something like a green scotchbrite. The plugs need to be polished clean as the input of the sP01 is very sensitive and will react to small changes in input.

Please DO NOT send to us until the above has been tried. You will be charged for return postage if the fault has been deemed due to a dirty input plug.



Non-Warranty Repairs:

All non-warranty repairs will be quoted before any repairs are carried out. 

Return postage will be paid for by customer for all non-warranty repairs whether item has been repaired or not.